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Over 70 small businesses receive export training for the African Continental Free Trade Area in Nigeria

30 agosto 2021
ITC News

(Abuja, Nigeria) Over 70 representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises and the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) benefited of a workshop titled How to Export with the AfCFTA in Abuja, Nigeria. Thanks to the training, they are now able to identify market opportunities in Africa with the highest export potential for their products as well as understand the options for entering that market, determine strengths and weaknesses ahead of export, identify and capitalize on opportunities to finance business activities and supply chains, as well as master formalities to smoothen export processes.

The five-day workshop, held between 16 to 20 August, was organized as part of the International Trade Centre’s One Trade Africa programme that trains small business owners, government stakeholders and representatives on export opportunities available through the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) at the country level.

The workshop took participants through the realities of exporting within the parameters of the AfCFTA, with session including presentations from key national stakeholders as well as representatives from Afreximbank.

The trainees coming from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council will also take part in additional online sessions to strengthen their skills in delivering trainings for Nigerian small businesses. Once the identified trainers are ready, they will begin training Nigerian small business owners on the AfCFTA and its potential export opportunities.

“The workshop demonstrated unravelled partnership, leveraging unique competences in trade finance to strengthen trade promotional skills and capabilities for unlocking sustainable non-oil export possibilities.”
Olusegun Awolowo, CEO, Nigeria Export Promotion Council

“The content delivered is very useful and practical for day-to-day export business transactions. I intend to return to my base to impact exporters in my region with the knowledge acquired.”
Rachel Obafemi, identified trainer, Nigeria Export Promotion Council 

About the training

The How to Export with the AfCFTA training programme comes as part of a joint initiative between the International Trade Centre and Afreximbank that trains African businesses and young entrepreneurs in trade opportunities beyond the region, and in establishing trade links across the continent.

The training programme is run through the International Trade Centre’s SME Trade Academy and pilots in Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Rwanda, in close collaboration with local trade promotion organizations.

About the One Trade Africa programme

ITC's newest programme, One Trade Africa, will enable MSMEs, especially women and youth, to access trade opportunities under the AfCFTA. Through its technical assistance and advisory services, ITC will also provide African MSMEs with training, advice and coaching to build their capacity, connect to new and more lucrative markets as well as create jobs.