Turkmenistan packaging company builds its brand through creative solutions

28 abril 2022
ITC News

Entrepreneur Batyr Tanrygulyev’s company Halk Kazyna is finally breaking into the European market, thanks to support from ITC’s Ready4Trade Central Asia.

Halk Kazyna specializes in manufacturing premium quality, lightweight food-grade plastic packaging, with a special focus on dairy products.  It already exports to regional countries Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Georgia, and has been wanting to expand its reach through its innovative brand, Innovapak,

“The support of Ready4Trade - Central Asia for small and medium-sized businesses like ours is key to help us grow,” said Tanrygulyev.

ITC business coach Gozel Akeeva noted the best way forward was to improve and restructure the company’s export procedures and solve a packaging challenge discovered at the production facility in Ashgabat: the carton boxes were buckling under the vertical load of upper packages.

Akeeva encouraged Halk Hazyna to adapt a forward-looking export template based on the company’s internal regulations, and helped solve the problem of the packaging by suggesting a cost-saving solution of special carton inserts for the sides of the boxes.

The five-day, one-on-one coaching session came at a crucial time: Halk Hazyna was in the process of working with an important client, and it was critical to show it could be a reliable and long-term partner.

The new template created an automated system of quality control, increasing production and guaranteeing product quality. Coach Akeeva also guided Halk Kazyna through export-related procedures including certification, customs clearance and export planning.

“I am so glad I was able to support Halk Hazyna in exporting their goods to Europe for the first time through this coaching mission. We will continue to monitor with interest the results of our efforts,” Akeeva said.