Joint ITC and Nazovni diplomatic training to boost Ukraine’s economic resilience

24 mayo 2024
ITC News

Amid the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, the country remains committed to strengthening its export performance. Supported by international partners, Ukraine has been striving to explore new avenues for trade.

A key player in this process is the network of Ukrainian economic diplomats, who assist businesses in expanding into foreign markets and support exporters in their internationalization efforts.

In April, the International Trade Centre (ITC) collaborated with Nazovni, Ukraine’s business globalization service, to deliver targeted training on the EaP Trade Helpdesk and the Global Trade Helpdesk to over 60 Ukrainian diplomats across Europe, Latin America and Asia. By mastering these tools to gather market intelligence, enabling them to assist Ukrainian businesses in identifying, comparing and connecting with new export opportunities in markets worldwide.

‘At Nazovni, we help exporters expand into foreign markets and provide essential information and tools for economic diplomats, who support Ukraine’s economic growth. The training sessions organized jointly with ITC have greatly reinforced our efforts,’ said Oleksandra Sologub, Operational Director at Nazovni.

For Ukrainian exporters, diversifying market risks and seizing new opportunities are crucial. The war has led to high logistics and insurance costs, which can reduce profit margins and make Ukrainian goods less competitive. To offset these challenges and maintain resilience, exporters need to explore new markets, diversify their partnerships, and stay informed about emerging business opportunities.

This unique ITC training programme, using ITC data and digital tools in collaboration with Nazovni, effectively empowers Ukraine’s economic diplomats. It serves as an example of successful collaboration in helping businesses in fragile contexts capitalize on emerging global opportunities.

About Nazovni

The international platform Nazovni is designed to provide diplomatic assistance to Ukrainian exporters in foreign markets. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.