Dándole más brillo a la joyería mexicana (en)

26 junio 2012
ITC Noticias
ITC helps organize training for Mexican women jewellers to improve design and branding in bid boost exports.

More than 70 participants from women business enterprises (WBEs) took part in a recent ITC workshop in Mexico City on design techniques for the jewellery sector.

As part of the three-day workshop, which was held on 21-23 May in cooperation with Fondo Nacional de Empresas en Solidaridad (FONAES), a local design expert and an internationally renowned designer led the training that focused on making, branding and design of silver and imitation jewellery.

One-on-one sessions

In addition, more than 40 one-on-one sessions were held between the international expert and the WBE participants who received feedback on how to improve and package their jewellery lines in order to better target the international markets and also specifically the US market. The same group in March received training on US market-access requirements and awareness-guidance on the latest trends in the US jewellery market.

Through its Women and Trade programme, ITC is also working with Mexico’s Secretariat of Economy to help Mexican women in the jewellery sector participate in fairs abroad to expose and market their products. On 1-4 June, for example, eight women jeweller-entrepreneurs participated at the JCK in Las Vegas, America’s biggest jewellery show. Moreover, during the event, all of them struck business deals or got orders for samples.

New York International Gift Fair

ITC will continue to build capacities of women jewellers who are close to being export ready with promising jewellery lines. In collaboration with the Secretariat of Economy, ITC will assist between 10 and 15 jeweller entrepreneurs in participating at the New York International Gift Fair, which will be held on 18-22 August, where some them will exhibit their jewellery lines for the very first time.

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