Refugees Empowerment through Markets Initiative (REMI)



    The initiative channels ITC’s trade-led support to create economic opportunities for displaced people. Since 2017, ITC has worked with over 1,500 refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), returning migrants, the local communities and their businesses to facilitate connection and access to markets. The initiative is based on five pillars:

    1.      Building market competitiveness and access at the firm level

    2.       Strengthening institutions and business support services for displaced persons

    3.      Informing and shaping trade and business policy that supports displaced persons and host communities 

    4.      Sharing knowledge and good practices 

    5.      Deepening and expanding participation of private sectors and inclusive market systems 

    Through these pillars the initiative is working towards its vision of increasing economic opportunities and livelihoods for 20,000 people in displacement-affected areas by 2025.




    Empowering displaced communities through trade

    As global migration and displacement increase, many communities are left vulnerable and in need of support. The International Trade Centre (ITC) is committed to helping these communities build economic resilience through innovative, trade-based solutions. Our goal is to become the leading United Nations organization for trade and business programmes in these challenging environments, expanding our reach to assist more people in need.

    Expanding support for vulnerable communities

    ITC focuses on growing our support for vulnerable migrants and displaced persons. This includes extensive research, analysis, and project design, along with engaging stakeholders to create new opportunities. Additionally, we customize existing tools, such as those in the Ye! community, to better serve these communities, and enhance coordination within ITC.

    Our strategic commitment

    ITC is dedicated to aiding vulnerable communities in developing countries. Our Roadmap has been created to guide our efforts in making a lasting, transformative impact.

    Our vision

    ITC aims to directly support refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), returnees, and small businesses in host communities, helping them engage in market activities. We are partnering with and strengthening private businesses, financial institutions, and business support organizations to offer products and services that benefit displaced individuals and small businesses. This will indirectly improve the livelihoods of 20,000 people through increased business and income opportunities in displacement-affected areas. By showcasing the benefits of market-based approaches in these contexts, we hope to gain recognition from humanitarian and local organizations and foster discussions that promote economic policies inclusive of displaced populations.

    Our activities

    We conduct research and design tools to increase economic opportunities in displacement contexts, develop systems to monitor results and improve our services, strengthen partnerships to create sustainable, impactful interventions, and integrate migration and displacement efforts with other ITC programmes for greater synergy and impact.

    Our track record and future goals

    Since 2017, ITC has connected over 1,500 refugees, IDPs, returnees, and local businesses to market opportunities. Our initiative is built on enhancing market competitiveness and access for small businesses, strengthening support services for displaced individuals, shaping trade and business policies that aid displaced communities, sharing successful strategies and best practices, and encouraging private sector involvement and inclusive market systems.

    Join us in our mission

    ITC aims to improve the economic opportunities and livelihoods of people in displacement-affected areas. We invite you to join us in empowering displaced communities through trade, fostering resilience, and promoting sustainable development. Together, we can make a difference.