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Women in Ukraine to boost their marketing skills free of charge, improving job prospects

1 juin 2023
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(Switzerland/Ukraine) The Projector Foundation, with the support of the International Trade Centre (ITC), a United Nations agency, is launching a series of marketing courses for women from Ukraine free of charge.

Starting in June, all women residing in Ukraine can apply for training in Affiliate Marketing, Facebook & Instagram Targeting, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO Beginning). The courses are comprehensive, with hands-on learning experiences and continuous feedback. Upon graduation, scholarship recipients will not only have new skills but also a portfolio for their job applications.

The acquired digital skills will increase women’s employability – especially for remote work – at companies seeking to improve their market access, branding, and online presence. Digital skills training, tech expertise as well as successful female role models and mentors are set to boost the country’s digital ecosystem and improve small business market access.

These courses are part of the International Trade Centre’s project “Building economic resilience of displacement affected communities”, funded by the Government of Japan.

The deadline for registration varies by course (either 9 or 14 June). Applicants should visit the Foundation's official website for detailed information about the courses and how to apply.

About the International Trade Centre - The International Trade Centre is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations. ITC assists small and medium-sized enterprises in developing and transition economies to become more competitive in global markets, thereby contributing to sustainable economic development within the frameworks of the Aid-for-Trade agenda and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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