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ITC digital support boosts Kyrgyz export opportunities

23 avril 2024
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In Kyrgyzstan, heavy paperwork and formalities slow business, limiting global market access. A key hurdle for the entrepreneurs: lab tests for product export certification. The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce’s pioneering digital initiative help streamline processes, boosting international trade opportunities.

Kyrgyzstan's entrepreneurs: Navigating paper labyrinths 

The entrepreneurial journey in Kyrgyzstan is a testament to resilience against complex, paper-based procedures that assess product safety and compliance for international markets. This is especially true for lab testing procedures. This vital step traditionally involves a time-consuming collection of paper documents, awaiting test protocols, and liaising with customs for each export transaction. Such procedures can test even the most determined entrepreneur's resolve. 

From paper to pixel: ITC’s innovative digital approach

To overcome this challenge, ITC and the Ministry of Economy and Commerce introduced a pioneering solution: digitalizing test protocols. This transformation allows for the seamless integration of lab test submissions into the ‘Single Window’ information system, significantly reducing paperwork. Entrepreneurs can now expedite the previously cumbersome process with a few clicks, freeing up valuable time to enhance their products and explore new market opportunities. 

’In the pilot implementation of the automated system for issuing laboratory test reports, its effectiveness and necessity were confirmed,’ said Nurgazy Botoev, Deputy Director of the Bishkek Center for Testing, Certification and Metrology of the Center for Standardization and Metrology, under the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. ‘Not only does it simplify lab processes, but it also allows interested parties to monitor and control processes through accessible registries, ultimately streamlining operations for applicants.’ 

To broaden participation in the pilot project and extend automation efforts to all accredited laboratories in the Kyrgyz Republic, a training plan is currently under development and implementation. A portion of the staff has successfully completed the required training, ensuring progress toward automation. 

Paving the path for Kyrgyzstan's trade transformation 

This initiative had a tangible impact, paving the way for enhanced quality assurance in Kyrgyz exports. For Kyrgyzstan, the initiative marks a significant stride towards paperless international trade. With the advent of digital transformation, the nation is poised for prosperity and sustainable growth. Through innovative partnerships, the ITC and Kyrgyz stakeholders have charted a course for limitless international trade opportunities. 


25 avril 2024

About the initiative 

Initiated in 2023 as part of the EU-funded Ready4Trade Central Asia project, this pilot aims to refine the efficiency and accuracy of lab test conformity assessments. By benefiting SMEs, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, and the nation at large, the project slashes operational costs and aligns with international standards. This strategic move not only elevates Kyrgyzstan's business climate but also promises sustained economic advancement, positioning the country as a competitive player in the global market.