Building export capacities in Mozambique

5 December 2012
ITC News
ITC programme helps SMEs develop a more market-driven approach to export packaging.

A programme run by the International Trade Centre (ITC) is seeking to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Mozambique adopt a more structured and market-driven approach to export packaging, which it is hoped will generate more private sector investment.

Packaging is not only a local constraint for SME producers; it is also a critical success factor for the development of agro-processing, said Ms Claire Zimba, the Director-General of IPEME, Mozambique’s SME development agency, at a recent workshop under the SADC Mozambique programme.

Agro-based products

The workshop, held in Maputo, sought to build export packaging capacities in five agro-based products. It offered a unique approach integrating networking with suppliers and packaging professionals, with training on packaging and awareness creation on quality, marketing and branding.

According to Roger Landman of NAMPAK, a leading packaging company, clear opportunities exist for canning and related technologies with partnership and training on equipment. He said that his company is keen to explore these opportunities further, and willing to invest and provide support.
While expressing appreciation with the results of the programme, Ms Zimba mentioned the high priority Mozambique’s government has placed on capacity building in packaging, especially for agro-processing, which is in line with IPEME’s strategy to develop SMEs.