Government officials in Malaysia benefit from expert training

25 septiembre 2023
ITC News

“Experts and our officials have built a strong working relationship to effectively manage Malaysia’s Biosecurity. Participants of the European Union funded ARISE Plus Malaysia training are now working together to update the training manual and guidelines for new officers who will be transferred to their department. This makes knowledge sharing more viable,” Puan Laila, Head of Biosecurity Unit Department says highlighting the benefits of a series of training recently carried out in Malaysia. 

Government officials must assume interdepartmental responsibilities from time to time. Often, their need to build knowledge and expertise related to their new responsibilities is real and urgent. 

In Malaysia, the Department of Agriculture (DOA) reached out to the European Union (EU) funded ARISE Plus Malaysia project for conducting training aimed at developing the capacity of new and senior officers. 

Aligned with the identified needs and priorities of the DOA, various on the job training were conducted for 147 government officials.  

Pest Identification and Methodologies, Pest Risk Analysis and Pest Quarantine Inspection training were carried out for selected officers that improved participants’ skills to manage the Plant Protection Organization documents (IPPC), and online research. 

Experts from the EU carried out in-person sessions during which they shared their knowledge and expertise with DOA officials in Malaysia. 

“The outcome was phenomenal. Participants were satisfied with all training workshops as they developed a clearer understanding about the importance of controlling the biosecurity threat in Malaysia”, says Puan Laila. 

Participants learnt about the latest methods for identifying pests, problems caused by pests and the possible solutions. 


About the project 

The ARISE Plus Malaysia project supports inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country through enhancing sustainable business and investment environments, improving product quality and competitiveness, as well as enhancing sustainable and internationally quality-compliant practices in the agri-food sector.

The three-year project is funded by the European Union and is a part of its national and regional ARISE Plus projects to support greater connectivity and economic integration in ASEAN. The project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of International Trade and Industry