Global: Textile and Clothing programme Phase II

    Información general


    The project focuses on enhancing the textiles and clothing sector in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka to meet evolving market demands and adhere to forthcoming EU regulations. This initiative aims to promote greener practices, sustainability, circularity, and digitalization within the T&C industry. By doing so, it ensures the retention of jobs and the creation of higher value-added positions while supporting economic growth and poverty reduction in these countries. The project operates on two key outcomes: enhancing T&C enterprise competitiveness through sustainable trade and fostering a more effective ecosystem capable of driving systemic change, sustainability, and circularity in the sector. This transformation is vital for manufacturers to maintain access to crucial markets like the EU, US, and Japan, as they increasingly demand responsible and high-quality products. Additionally, the program encourages regional and global cooperation, knowledge sharing, and structural changes within the T&C industry.