LDC Services Exports: Trends and Success Stories (en)

All of the LDCs export commercial services and nearly one quarter of LDCs are net exporters of services: while Tourism is usually the major explanatory factor, it is not the only one.
LDC services exports are growing twice as fast as the world average and the LDC share in world services exports is increasing. But services still account for only 10% of LDC exports - or half the global average. More needs to be done to help LDCs benefit from participating in global services exports, especially given the powerful link between services sector development and both GDP growth and poverty reduction, and the development benefits of higher value-added, skill–intensive activities. The services enterprise success stories highlighted in the study (from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda and Vanuatu) provide insights into what factors are relevant in driving success and what more might be done to enhance LDC services competitiveness.

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