Corporate document

ITC Operational Plan

    The ITC Operational Plan establishes annual performance targets and specifies the resources needed to achieve results each year. It operationalizes ITC’s Strategic Plan by specifying concrete actions to meet the organization’s commitments to clients, partners, governments and funders.

    In 2024, the International Trade Centre (ITC) celebrates its 60th anniversary and progresses through the third year of its strategic plan, marked by ambitious moonshots in green trade, digital connectivity, gender, and youth empowerment.

    By directing 80% of assistance to priority regions, including least developed countries (LDCs), landlocked developing countries, small island developing States and conflict-affected economies, ITC will ensure that its targeted support aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, embracing the five pillars of the Global Agenda – people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership.

    In 2024, ITC will continue to promote social equity and empowerment for people by focusing on women, youth, people with disabilities, and vulnerable populations. For prosperity, ITC will enhance the medium and small-sized enterprises’ competitiveness, job creation, and income growth, particularly in LDCs. Regarding the planet, ITC aims to expand small business opportunities in the green economy while promoting sustainable production and climate change resilience. Through partnerships, ITC will mobilize public and private stakeholders, support South-South trade and regional integration. In peace-building efforts, ITC will foster inclusive societies and support post-conflict countries' integration into the multilateral system.