Four people in matching medium blue shirts seated in front of a table, with two either side of a fifth person standing in the middle, asking a question to participants at an ITC project session.

Who we are

Building trade-led growth for a more equitable world. 

Our support for micro, small and medium-sized businesses’ ability to compete can lift individuals, communities and countries out of poverty and create a more equitable world.

    We are improving the lives of millions of people in developing countries through the powerful engine of trade.
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    Our goals






    We emphasize  economic empowerment and fairly paid job opportunities for women, youth, refugees and migrants and other vulnerable populations.


    We help economies and micro, small and medium sized- businesses go green and transition towards sustainable development through the circular economy.


    We leverage technology to narrow the digital divide, use Aid for Trade to support developing countries and build their capacity to benefit from trade.

    Our mandate

    We are a multilateral agency with a joint mandate with the World Trade Organization and the United Nations through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.


    How we work


    We provide country-and client-specific tailored support through unique advisory services, capacity building, training and mentoring, free tools and business data, and trade-specific publications.

    We improve the availability and use of trade intelligence; strengthen trade support institutions; enhance policies for the benefit of exporting enterprises; build the export capacity of enterprises to respond to market opportunities; and mainstream inclusiveness.

    We leverage the current digital momentum, the exponential use of e-commerce platforms and artificial intelligence by incorporating digital elements in all of our projects.

    We connect micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to global and regional value chains, a major contributor to economic growth and poverty reduction.

    Gender equality, diversity and inclusion

    Within ITC, we are committed to pursuing gender equality, women’s empowerment, geographic diversity, disability inclusion and zero discrimination. Our aim is a work environment that embraces diversity, eradicates bias and has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination and harassment. We use UN-led benchmarking and monitoring frameworks to keep on track of these goals.