The Consultative Committee of ITC Trust Fund (CCITF)

The CCITF reviews the use of funds available through the ITC Trust Fund in consultation with the ITC Secretariat and referencing ITC's strategic documents.

CCITF reviews ITC progress

The CCITF reviews the use of funds then makes recommendations to the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) for future use of ITF funds, as deemed appropriate.

The Committee also reviews periodically the progress made in the implementation of programmes financed by ITF and agrees on monitoring and evaluation mechanisms which address issues of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, capacity-building and sustainability.

The Committee meets twice a year, or more frequently if and when required.

More information about CCITF can be found in the Terms of Reference of the Committee.

27th meeting of the CCITF


The 27th CCITF meeting took place on 2 June 2023. The committee reviewed the CCITF Report Jan - Dec 2022.

26th meeting of the CCITF

The 26th CCITF meeting took place on 19 October 2022.


25th meeting of the CCITF

24th meeting of the CCITF

23rd meeting of the CCITF

22nd meeting of the CCITF

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