Rules of Origin Facilitator

    The International Trade Centre’s Rules of Origin Facilitator provides user-friendly access to ITC’s database of rules of origin and origin provisions in trade agreements. It works in tandem with the tariff and trade agreements databases that have been continuously maintained by ITC’s Market Access Map since 2006. This results in a unique market intelligence solution that empowers companies to benefit from trade agreements worldwide.


    The Rules of Origin Facilitator is designed to support small and medium-sized companies’ needs. It is intuitive to use and business friendly. Each origin provision is linked to a bespoke glossary allowing users to familiarize themselves with the purpose of the provision and practical examples of its application.

    Through a simple search function, users can find and enter a commodity code, one or more countries of export and the country of destination, to access essential information about available trade agreements, tariff benefits and product specific rules of origin as well as other conditions and required documents.

    The Word Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Customs Organization (WCO) are partners of this initiative.


    31 January 2022

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