Digital transformation and e-commerce


    Digital has been high on the development agenda for years. With COVID-19, the imperative to “build back better” and increase resilience accelerated this push.

    Today, generative artificial intelligence tools are transforming how businesses of all sizes operate, create, and compete. Digital skills, connectivity, and technology-based enterprises are more critical than ever for developing economies.

    ITC’s Digital Moonshot

    At ITC, Moonshots represent our bold solutions to confront the challenges faced by small businesses in developing countries, to participate in global trade. One of these challenges is digital connectivity. 

    Digital connectivity is increasingly recognized as a driver of any economy. Small businesses need Internet access to be resilient, agile, and competitive in global markets. Participating in digital trade brings tangible social and economic benefits including new trade revenues, new jobs, and new investments. But for many  small businesses in developing countries, getting online is expensive and requires new skills to  capitalize on opportunities.   

    Our goal is to expand the scale and reach of our digital initiatives to connect 20,000 small businesses by 2025. 


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