Business resilience

Business resilience


    As the global business environment becomes more dynamic, interconnected, and unpredictable, the ability to build resilience into your company becomes one of the key tools in the manager’s toolkit.  Resilient businesses can adapt and respond rapidly to disruptions, making sure their key assets and people are secured, and ensuring the continuity of important business operations.

    Our programme provides enterprises with training and coaching, support on adapting business models and taking on new technologies. We also help enterprises develop new products and services, explore and enter new markets, build partnerships, and access resources. Our programme works on:  

    1. Strategic Resilience, which requires managers to combine a short-term view with medium and long-term perspectives, to have the ability to lead and manage in times of crisis, and to know how to make decisions with very little, incomplete, and sometimes contradictory information.
    1. Revenue Resilience, which consists of staying in contact with clients and regularly discussing plans of action in case an unexpected situation occurs, finding innovative ways to shift the portfolio mix across products, channels, and geographies, reducing product vulnerability to regulatory changes, and exploring business model innovation.
    1. Financial Resilience, or the ability of the company to avoid running out of cash and to manage cash flow. This is linked to financial planning and the ability of the firm to develop partnerships with finance providers.
    1. Structural Resilience, based on robust functional structures and information-sharing, and supported by a corporate culture that generates commitment and provides opportunities for employees’ professional growth.
    2. Operating Resilience, or the ability of the firm to identify and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in the company’s production and marketing operations. This includes adopting internationally recognized best practices, and improving operational and administrative processes.

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