ITC @ Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum: Managing Risks for Safe, Efficient Trade - Guide for Border Regulators


    A comprehensive risk management strategy is key to improving the efficiency of border controls and import compliance, to facilitate international trade.  A new publication by the International Trade Centre and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe offers a roadmap that shows regulatory agencies in developing countries how to build modern, integrated risk management and compliance systems at the border.

    The publication, ‘Managing Risk for Safe, Efficient Trade  -  Guide for Border Regulators’, will be launched at a side event of the Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum on 31 August.  

    The guide aims to help agencies expedite trade flows in the post-pandemic world, while ensuring compliance with and the safety of cross-border trade procedures. It offers policy recommendations to create a national strategy based on five principles, including removing redundant controls and integrating risk management processes.

    Date & location
    31 August 2022