Lao Coffee Competition “Award Ceremony 2023


    The participants of the third annual Lao Specialty & Fine Coffee Competition are identified and invited by the Laos Coffee Association and the Laos Coffee Lovers group. 

    Partners include Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao Department of Agriculture, ITC, Coffee Quality Institute, Lao Coffee Association, Lao Coffee Lovers group. 

    Participants are Market Ready Actors engaged in the production of Lao coffee. Participants include - but are not limited to - farmers, coffee cooperatives, processors and exporters with coffee farms and post-harvest processing facilities. 

    The 2023 Laos Fine and Specialty Coffee Competition’s objective is to foster a culture of high-quality coffee production and trade in Lao PDR by:

    • Building the capacity of the Lao Coffee Association (LCA) and other groups to plan for and manage a reputable green coffee competition based on internationally recognized standards, norms, and practices. 
    • Identifying high quality Specialty arabica and Fine robusta coffee and linking the winning lots to the producers, processors, and businesses behind the coffees. 
    • Promoting and showcasing the winning coffees to a global audience during the 2023 World of Coffee in Athens, Greece. 
    • Enabling trade connections to grow and prosper by connecting the competition’s coffee owners with international Q Graders, traders, importers, and others interested in seeing the Lao specialty coffee sector thrive and grow. 

    This competition promotes best practices and guidelines in response to COVID-19 challenges. Event organizers retain the right to make any necessary changes to sample collection, processing, rules, and regulations. Participants, sponsors, and partners will be kept informed of any changes to the program.

    Date & location
    24–25 March 2023