Global advisory board for trade promotion

17 May 2022
ITC News

A peek into what motivates trade promotion agencies to join ITC’s advisory board

Mark Hill, Chief Executive of Export Barbados (formerly BIDC), has been invited to join the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) advisory board.

Hill says it is a tremendous honour to join the group. “This board brings together business support organizations from across the globe. I am delighted to provide representation from the Caribbean, and for small island developing States everywhere. We have a special role to play in supporting good trade and providing a critical perspective on the issues impacting us, such as climate change.”

The Chief Executive is excited to share and learn from the other board members, who also work to bolster business competitiveness and support trade-led growth organizations in their countries. The ITC advisory board allows crucial dialogue between ITC and a representative group of business support organizations, who are simultaneously stakeholders, partners and beneficiaries. They broaden the scope and reach of ITC projects, provide context and help ensure ITC’s relevance, particularly in a rapidly changing world.

Hill joined Export Barbados in early 2021. In his first year, he has made decisive changes to the organization’s vision and approach. This includes sharpening its focus on the building blocks for a sustainable economy and creating a sub-brand of BioIsland Barbados.

Hill is in Ghana this week to attend the ITC World Trade Promotion Organization Conference and Awards, and is also working on sealing deals between Ghanian and Barbadian businesses.