Why Trade Matters

18 July 2017
ITC News
Hear from Liberia, the Gambia, Sweden and more in our new #TradeMatters video playlist

Trade has helped a billion people move out of extreme poverty in 30 years. It helps companies grow, lowers prices and widens choices for consumers.

Yet not everyone wins. It’s time to make trade work for the 99% - with policies and practices that protect people and the planet.

We asked leaders at the recent Aid for Trade Global Review 2017 (World Trade Organization, 11-13 July), on why they think trade matters.

Hear perspectives from Liberia, the Gambia, Sweden and more in our new #TradeMatters video playlist.

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Watch the following videos on the Trade Matters playlist.

Why #TradeMatters
Question: can we survive without trade? Maybe.

#TradeMatters: Gambia's Sona Jobarteh on music, youth & trade
Reviving culture at home through trade: Gambian kora virtuoso Sona Jobarteh shares her thoughts on music, her cultural heritage and empowering the next generation.

Find out more about the ITC project that Jobarteh is working with, the Youth Empowerment Project:

#TradeMatters: Gambian Vice President on people's excitement for change

Gambian Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang shares insights on why trade matters in her country, particularly for women and youth, as the country emerges from more than two decades of dictatorship.

#TradeMatters: Gambian social entrepreneur on empowering youth
Alieu Jallow, a Gambian social entrepreneur, talks about why young people are the economic future of his country.

#TradeMatters: Gambian Vice President on women & youth

Gambian Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang talks about how the new government agenda centres on supporting women and youth -- and how it's about acting swiftly to keep the momentum going.

New Gambia, New Opportunities
Welcome to the Gambia, the smiling coast of Africa and your home away from home.
Discover new opportunities for partnerships and investment in the New Gambia.

#SheTrades receives support from highest levels
Empowering women is a priority at the highest levels, from the heads of the African Union and the UN-OHRLLS to the Gambian Vice President to ministers from Liberia and Sweden.
They support #SheTrades -- do you?

#TradeMatters: AU Commissioner on trade facilitation
Albert Muchanga, African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry, talks about how trade can unite African countries and bring prosperity. The key is through implementation of the WTO trade facilitation agreement.

#TradeMatters: USG of UN-OHRLLS on trade & vulnerable countries
Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States, Fekitamoeloa Katoa ‘Utoikamanu of Tonga, shares how trade supports sustainable development in the 91 most vulnerable countries in the United Nations.

#TradeMatters: Swedish minister says refugees can be an asset
Ann Linde, Sweden's Minister of EU Affairs and Trade, says refugees are a big asset, when there is political will for integration.

#TradeMatters: Swedish minister on positive impact of refugees
Ann Linde, Sweden's Minister of EU Affairs and Trade, says host and origin countries can benefit from integrating refugees into society.

#TradeMatters: Liberian Minister on how trade helps women & youth
Liberian Minister of Commerce and Industry Axel Addy says trade matters for his country because it empowers women and youth. The WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement plays a key role by reducing costs and boosting incomes.

#TradeMatters: Liberian minister on power of tourism to cut poverty
Liberian Minister of Commerce and Industry Axel Addy calls trade the 'lowest-hanging fruit' to create jobs, reduce poverty in rural areas and help people live in dignity.

#TradeMatters: AU Commissioner on working with ITC
Hear from Albert M. Muchanga, Commissioner for Trade and Industry of the African Union, about how the African Union is working with ITC to help small firms trade on the continent and around the world.