Kenya: Designing the Future, a Green and Inclusive Fashion Ecosystem



    The project aims at leveraging the Ethical Fashion Initiative business model and its experience in managing structured value and supply chains in Kenya to contribute to climate resilient growth and to a more inclusive society for women and youth in East Africa, and the continent at large. The targeted project outcome is “Increased competitiveness and participation of micro and small artisanal and design businesses from Kenya in the international, regional, national value chain of the fashion and lifestyle industry.” The project targets 2,500 direct beneficiaries, 65% of whom women and youth, from marginalized communities of artisans, micro-producers and design entrepreneurs. It also focuses strongly on sustainable fashion production: promoting circular design and production, use of renewable sources of energy, use of organic or recycled materials, processes that requires carbon-insetting. The adoption of the full EFI-ESG agenda (Due Diligence, Performance Monitoring and Corporate Sustainability Reporting) will ensure the conduct of socially responsible business in all project's operations.



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