SME Competitiveness Survey and Outlook



    The purpose of the ITC SME Competitiveness Survey (SMECS) is to increase awareness on and guide implementation of TRTA aimed at addressing issues related to SME Competitiveness through three key channels: collecting firm level information on SME competitiveness in partnership with trade and investment supporting institutions (TISIs) ; disseminating knowledge and evidence on SME competitiveness through the ITC SME Competitiveness Outlook (SMECO) and; enabling ITC Managers of projects that aim at enhancing SME competitiveness to conduct harmonized needs and impact assessments. 

    Specifically, the overall outcome of the project will be achieved by building capacity of TISIs to collect SME Competitiveness data and assess them; by producing quantitative and qualitative analysis on SME Competitiveness and widely disseminating this information through ITC SME Competitiveness Outlook; and finally, by providing a tool to ITC Project Managers for project needs and impact assessments. 


    Sustainable Development Goals

    This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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