Turkmenistan: Enhancing trade resilience and integration
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Strengthening policymakers’ capacity for WTO accession process

Providing assistance in the preparation of negotiation documents and implementing national legislative reforms, as well as organizing training sessions for government officials and the private sector.

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Building institutional capacity for trade facilitation reforms

Improving the cross-border trade environment by simplifying procedures, facilitating the exchange of best practices, supporting the establishment of a National Trade Facilitation Committee, and providing other relevant technical support.

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Improving ecosystem for investment facilitation and e-commerce

Analyzing the national investment framework and developing recommendations on improving the investment climate, reviewing the e-commerce ecosystem to formulate policies to promote its development in Turkmenistan.

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Enhancing SME integration in sustainable value chains

Analyzing value chains for target sectors / developing roadmaps, strengthening SME capacities to improve international competitiveness, and supporting the establishment of market linkages.

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Advancing gender-responsive trade facilitation practices

Training and coaching women entrepreneurs, strengthening the capacity of government institutions to integrate gender perspectives into trade, and providing other relevant support to create a favorable business environment for women.


Sustainable Development Goals

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

<p>The project, funded by the European Union, aims to promote economic development and decent work in Turkmenistan by improving the business climate and enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs. This initiative will support Turkmenistan&apos;s engagement in regional and global trade, including with the European Union.</p><p>The project is part of the Turkmenistan Cooperation Facility of the European Union.</p><p>Project objectives:</p><ul><li>Strengthened capacities of policymakers for participation in the WTO accession process</li><li>Enhanced SME integration in sustainable value chains</li><li>Strengthened capacity of institutions to implement trade facilitation reforms</li><li>Improved gender-responsive trade facilitation practices</li><li>Improved ecosystem for investment facilitation and e-commerce<!--[if !vml]--></li></ul>

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