Trade Strategy Forum 2024: the Imperative for Effective Trade and Investment Support Networks


    Second edition of the Trade Strategy Forum 2024 to Address Imperative for Effective Trade and Investment Support Networks

    In a global landscape where economic development hinges on international trade and competitiveness, the importance of robust support networks cannot be overstated. This will be the central theme at the second edition of the Trade Strategy Forum scheduled to be held in Geneva on March 14-15, 2024. 

    Key stakeholders, including decision-makers from both public and private sectors, will convene to deliberate on the critical role of organizations and institutions in shaping countries' economic trajectories. From trade and investment promotion bodies to central banks and education departments, these entities collectively drive competitiveness and growth by shaping regulatory frameworks, fostering trade relationships, and supporting enterprises.

    The challenges faced by such organizations, particularly in developing nations, are multifaceted. Navigating complex regulatory landscapes, addressing infrastructure gaps, and managing limited resources pose significant hurdles. But arguably the most challenging obstacles to the strategic continuity of their support initiatives are leadership transitions, evolving ministerial objectives, and volatile political climates. 

    The repercussions of a dysfunctional Trade and Investment Support Network (TISN) are far-reaching, impacting foreign direct investment, export competitiveness, transaction costs, integration in global value chains, access to international markets, country branding, and entrepreneurship opportunities.

    The forum will aim to address these challenges head-on, focusing on key questions such as the determinants of an effective institutional network, strategies to address challenges faced by support organizations, requirements for achieving collaboration and coordination, international best practices in TISN governance, and emerging trends and innovations in trade support.

    Date & location
    14–15 March 2024