Celebrating Iraq's Finest Food: The "By Iraqi Hands" Label

14 February 2024
ITC News

The heart of Iraq's dynamic food industry is beating fast as the country’s finest food products, witness to centuries of history and tradition, will soon be in the spotlight at the Iraq National Trade Forum (INTF) 2024.

This year, the International Trade Centre (ITC) is proud to present a unique feature: the "By Iraqi Hands" label, developed under the European Union funded SAAVI project.


What does "By Iraqi Hands" stand for?

The "By Iraqi Hands" label is more than just a logo; it's a symbol of pride, quality, and heritage. The label represents a commitment to celebrating the best of Iraqi-made products, encouraging consumers to choose locally sourced products, and supporting the country's food industry. At its core, the label embodies:

  1. Promoting local products: It is a call to support local farmers, producers, and manufacturers, thus contributing to the growth of the Iraqi economy.
  2. Quality and authenticity: With the "By Iraqi Hands" label, consumers can have confidence in the quality and authenticity of the products they buy. It is a mark of excellence that reassures buyers about the origin of items and compliance with the strictest standards.
  3. Preservation of cultural heritage: Iraqi cuisine reflects the country's history and culture. This label preserves and promotes the local traditions, enabling them to be passed down from generation to generation.


INTF 2024: Showcasing the best of the Iraqi food industry

INTF 2024 will also be a celebration of the Iraqi food industry, and the "By Iraqi Hands" label plays a central role in this celebration.

  1. An ephemeral retail store: At the INTF, a pop-up store will come to life, featuring an impressive range of over 300 Iraqi food products. This market will bring together the finest and most innovative products, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover the richness and diversity of Iraqi food culture.
  2. Awards ceremony in honour of 10 Iraqi manufacturers will recognize excellence and innovation. Their achievements, dedication to quality and innovation will inspire others in the sector.
  3. The first day of the INTF, February 19, will mark the official launch ceremony of the "By Iraqi Hands" label. This will inaugurate the beginning of an awareness-raising campaign that will highlight the importance of the label and encourage consumers to choose products made in Iraq.

It's an invitation to discover the essence of Iraq's finest food products and enjoy the diverse flavours the country has to offer. INTF 2024 is the ideal platform to celebrate this label and usher in a new era of growth and recognition for the Iraqi food industry.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore, savour and engage with the diversity of Iraqi cuisine, all "By Iraqi Hands".

With support from the government of Iraq, the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, is leading the organization of the Iraq National Trade Forum with funding from the European Union.