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Celebrating World Coconut Day with a Farm to Fork alliance in Barbados

2 September 2021
ITC News

As the world recognizes World Coconut Day today, Barbados’ leading rum producer has teamed up with the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the International Trade Centre Alliances for Action programme to source coconuts for rum production.

West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) through a project funded by the European Union and CARIFORUM, will be sourcing the coconuts from A.T Nicholls coconut farm in Barbados to produce premium coconut products.

Managing Director of WIRD, Andrew Hassell said this is a very exciting project as the distillery focuses its mission to support local business and communities in Barbados.

“The distillery has been the backbone of the local rum industry and as we continue to invest in our communities and businesses, we are proud to source local molasses and coconuts from Barbados to create unique craft products,” he said.

Hassell also announced that one of the very first products will be a new coconut infused rum, Plantation Cut & Dry.
“We are hoping to highlight the unique flavour of our rum and its connection with the island, by promoting the rich heritage of our products to the world while positioning them as a premium craft brand that is directly connected to the farmers behind it.”

Brian-Lee Chandler of the International Trade Centre has described this project as a major boost for the Caribbean coconut sector. “This partnership brings together the best of Caribbean products – rum and coconuts – with a shared aim of positioning Barbados as a source of high-quality, craft products, produced sustainably and celebrating its cultural heritage.”

The regional organization noted that rum exports accounted for Bds$57 million GDP annually. “The growing demand for premium alcoholic spirits is giving spirit producers the chance to expand their global market share. With the rise in demand for premium spirits like Plantation Cut & Dry coconut rum, Barbados is well positioned to benefit,” Brian-Lee Chandler said.

The International Trade Centre Alliances for Action programme is implementing this project with support from key regional partner Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, while CARIFORUM, the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the European Union remain strategic partners of both agencies’ activities.