Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry and ITC sign agreement for food and beverages sector development project

19 March 2012
ITC News

Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry (PAI), with the support of ITC, aims to diversify the national production and export base whilst lowering Kuwait’s dependence on petroleum by improving the competitiveness of Kuwaiti food and beverage exports. The two year project represents the first time ITC has provided assistance to the country.

PAI and ITC have concluded an agreement on March 8, 2012, about a new trade-related technical assistance project. The project “Exports of Kuwaiti Food and Beverages Products in the Global Market” has been developed jointly by the two organizations and targets a promising non-oil sector in the Kingdom. ITC experts will share their knowledge in sector development to enable enterprises in the food and beverages sector to improve their management and production techniques, understand and adhere to international quality standards, and access new export markets. The selection of target markets will be based on an in-depth assessment of the sector’s export potential based on data from ITC’s Market Analysis Tools. As part of the project, PAI’s Industrial Exports Development Centre, which is responsible for promoting and developing non-oil manufacturing exports from Kuwait, will be assisted with better understanding the needs and challenges of Kuwaiti exporters.

Project funding will be provided by PAI itself, thereby adding the Gulf country to the list of ITC’s donors. The project has been designed against the backdrop of the country’s Development Plan 2010-2014 which puts diversification of the economy as a priority objective. ITC is committed to supporting Kuwait in realizing this objective through this new project as well as future opportunities for collaboration.