Promoting positive social change in Qatar through a fashion magazine

11 August 2015
ITC News

A Qatar-based Korean entrepreneur uses her online fashion magazine to support ethical fashion and local artisans.

Originally from the Republic of Korea, Sarah Min grew up in Germany and studied in Switzerland. She then moved to Qatar to launch an online magazine focusing on fashion, beauty and travel. QMIN Magazine now covers several countries in the Middle East.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

My personal characteristics have always been defined by a positive attitude towards learning, risk taking, inquisitiveness, creativity and innovation. International experience and a keen sense of observation helped to put my ideas and interests in the magazine world into practice. Through this online platform, I can now support ethical views in the fashion industry and promote start-ups and local artisans who use their talents to have a positive impact on our society. Owning a magazine gives me a voice to inform and educate readers, through which I try to promote ethical fashion and environmental sustainability.

How has it changed your life and the lives of people around you?

We promote the work of local artisans in our region and raise awareness about their contribution to a better world and a secure future. Ethical fashion is one of our major focus areas, through which we aim to educate our readers about environmentalism and social responsibility. The overall feedback has been positive, because readers get to know about important issues in this growing industry, in a world where we consume without full understanding of the consequences. We are consistent in what we do to promote social responsibility and ethical fashion. QMIN Magazine is all about finding the right people, drawing the best out of them and inspiring them to share their values with others and provide a new perspective.

What would you like others to know?

Business means creating a positive difference in people’s lives.