Stimulating discussions for trade solutions

2 June 2021
ITC News

Public and private sector representatives get together to help boost trade competitiveness in Bhutan.

“We now have a clearer understanding of the current processes and workflows to help the government improve the wholesale and retail business sector.”

Ms. Yeshey Chen Chen, from the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry described her main takeaway from a public-private sector dialogue she recently attended.

Realizing the need for insightful conversations to help identify ways for improving and streamlining the wholesale and retail sector, the International Trade Centre, together with the Bhutan Ministry of Economic Affairs brought together policy makers and representatives of business organizations from the public and private sectors.

Participants had an honest exchange of ideas on the impact of the introduction of the Goods and Sales Tax (GST) on the competitiveness of Bhutanese manufacturing industries.

The dialogue also provided a platform for engaging all stakeholders, and holding in-depth discussions on how to improve the overall competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in the country.

These discussions will help the government to make informed decisions about the long-term strengthening of  the country’s economy.

The meetings were carried out through The EU – Bhutan Trade Support project. It aims to diversify exports by improving the national trade and investment regulatory framework, and increase exports. The European Union funds the project.