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The in-depth digital knowledge platform of the International Trade Centre explores export development and trade issues in developing and least developed countries. The contributions focus on trade promotion and export development as part of the International Trade Centre’s technical cooperation programme with developing countries and economies in transition.


20 Dec 2023

Imagine a life without clean air, where even indoors you cannot escape the fumes that come from burning coal. Difficult, isn’t it? This is the reality for many Mongolians living in one of the coldest, most polluted cities in the world, Ulaanbaatar.   However, thanks to the innovations...

1 Dec 2023

Fragility manifests in different ways, across countries, regions and types of firms. The new ITC Fragility Exposure Index shows that small, informal, youth, and women-led firms often experience harsher repercussions from fragility than their larger, formal, older, and men-led counterparts,...

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