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The SheTrades initiative at the International Trade Centre (ITC) has changed the economic lives of three million women in 30 countries by connecting them to markets. We have opened 12 regional hubs across Africa, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Europe, and we continue to grow.

The initiative centres on empowering women engaging in international trade and creating a women-inclusive fairer business ecosystem. We help them overcome barriers and, with them, identify areas that urgently need to be addressed.

Our flagship event, SheTrades Global, brings together women entrepreneurs from all these regions. For women whose businesses are ready to export, they have a unique chance to connect meet potential buyers, investors and partners.

Previous editions of SheTrades Global — held in Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Türkiye, Brazil, Rwanda, Mexico, and China — included representatives from over 85 countries and generated over $80 million of new business for women entrepreneurs. 

Participation is free.

Unfortunately, after careful consideration of events over the past two years, as well as consultation with beneficiaries and stakeholders, ITC decided to cancel the 8th edition of SheTrades Global.

The SheTrades Initiative, and our partners in this endeavor, remain fully committed to continuing to create opportunities for women to trade across our collective, global portfolio. Please refer to for information on our numerous opportunities and events, and for updates.

As the African Continental Free Trade Area prepared to begin, the conference heard how the common market needs to deliver for women.

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The conference was featured at the 2018 International Business Festival, a major global festival of trade and investment held every two years in Liverpool. The Festival attracted industry leaders, international delegations and companies from across the world looking to expand their trade footprint.
This year will highlight four sectors – beauty and wellness; IT and business-process outsourcing; textiles and apparel; and tourism.

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Before becoming SheTrades Global, the conference was known as the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum (WVEF). This is the premier global event to get inspired, do business and create lifetime opportunities for women entrepreneurs by providing training, improving skills and facilitating meetings with buyers.

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SheTrades Rwanda marks impressive project results 2
SheTrades Rwanda marks impressive project results 2
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The premier global business event to connect women entrepreneurs with potential buyers, investors and partners to grow their exports

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SheTrades and UPS partnership
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Sustainable Development Goals

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

<p>Women own an estimated 31-38% of MSMEs around the world. However, they are likely to be smaller and face wide-ranging and complex challenges such as limited access to skills, networks, property rights, finance and support institutions.</p><p>ITC SheTrades initiative, which aims to connect three million women to market by 2021, provides a framework for interventions, which allows for collaboration with private (and public) sector partners who provide their expertise to achieve greater impact and scale.</p><p>The project &quot;<strong>SheTrades and UPS partnership&quot;,&nbsp;</strong>funded by UPS Foundation and implemented by ITC SheTrades and UPS, aims to ultimately improve women entrepreneurs&apos; competitiveness to trade. The project will do so by providing women entrepreneurs and business support organisations with capacity building and a platform for best practices exchange. The project will work at the global level, through online activities, and at the national level, with in-country activities in Nigeria, Vietnam, Mexico and UAE.</p><p>The project falls under ITC&apos;s Empowering Women to trade programme which contributes directly to ITC&apos;s focus area 5 &ldquo;Promoting and mainstreaming inclusive and green trade&rdquo; and SDGs 5 and 17.</p><p><br></p>

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