Celebrating 125 years of Swedish exports

23 November 2012
ITC News
ITC congratulates the Swedish Foreign Trade Association on its 125th anniversary

Celebrating its 125th year, the Swedish Foreign Trade Association, or Sveriges Allmänna Utrikeshandelsförening (SAU) as is its Swedish name, hosted an anniversary seminar on 21 November to look back at its history and the challenges ahead.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) was among the attendees, represented by Mr Anders Aeroe, Director of ITC’s Division of Market Development, who delivered a speech on international trends within aid for trade.

Mr Aeroe said that, while ITC is proud of its track record in its nearly 50-year long history, this pales compared to the 125-year history of the Swedish Foreign Trade Association. ‘When we are gathered here today to celebrate the 125th anniversary of SAU, it is not just about celebrating trade and trade facilitation, but also to celebrate the role that SAU has played for more than hundred years in contributing to Sweden’s welfare society,’ he said.

He expressed appreciation for the support Sweden has given to ITC over the years. He pointed out that Swedish support, not only helps to improve the export capabilities of developing and emerging economies, but also helps create employment and foster entrepreneurship for men, women and youth, which again leads to increased wealth in those countries.

Mr Aeroe also stressed the importance of Swedish participation at ITC events, such as the World Export Development Forum, as developing and emerging economies have much to learn from Sweden, but also because Swedish exports are increasingly going to these markets.

‘Sweden’s exports to developing countries and economies in transition have nearly doubled between 2005 and 2012, with a strong focus on China, the rest of Asia, and Russia. But not only there. Today, Swedish small and medium-sized enterprises are exporting to emerging markets across the world,’ Mr Aeroe said.

‘Good future prospects in developing countries and for economies in transition are a prerequisite, not only for our future trade, but also for the welfare of the world at large,’ he said. ‘I would like to thank Sweden for its efforts in contributing to achieve this goal.’

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